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How much time do you spend on recruitment when you could be getting on with business? How much is it costing you?
People are your greatest asset, and often the biggest investment. But it’s not easy to find good staff.

For more than twenty years, ON-Q Human Resources has been helping employers in the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast region by listening to their needs and finding the right people for the job.

Through a process of stringent evaluation and job matching, we deliver personally selected candidates who are work-ready. We take care of recruitment, so you can focus on what’s important – running your business.

Our success relies upon results for you the employer. And the record speaks for itself. Employers report that ON-Q candidates are more motivated, take fewer sick days, and can actually increase workplace productivity.

Best of all, our recruitment service is free of charge. So what are you waiting for?

Use this section to learn about the benefits of using ON-Q, access a range of Disability Employment Services, and hear from other employers who have used our services.

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